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The Sholay Girl
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Finally, a web series is being created on Heeroin’s action sequence, a non-anonymous stunt artist | The Sholay Girl

Like every industry, there are many such things in Bollywood, which are also called men’s work. Women are advised to stay away from such work. But these stereotypes spread in the society have been broken on their own every time. Today we are going to tell you the story of such a lady, who adopted the work of men who understood the work of men and made a name in it.

The name of this combative and courageous woman is Reshma Pathan. Bollywood’s first stunt is Women Reshma You must remember the superhit film Sholay Then. Hema Malini played Basanti in this film. Hema had acted on the screen, but as many as the action scenes, Reshma had performed as her body double.

She is also in the scene, where Basanti runs his tangle and says, ‘chal dhanno aaj teree basantee kee izzat ka savaal hai.’

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Stunts Artists opposed Reshma…

Reshma’s way was not easy either. It was also this, because whenever women challenge men, then they have opposed. Reshma had decided to become a stunt woman to help her family financially.

At the age of 14, he started stunts in films. But they got recognition from the early 70s, especially after the release of the film Sholay. As soon as he began to get involved with the directors and producers, the other stunt artists started to oppose him.

Reshma is the first stunt woman to get the membership of the movie Stunt Artists Association. They did not get much recognition but now they are becoming biopic. Its name is ‘The Shoal Girl’. This will be a web series, which will be shown on ZEE5. Actress Bidita Bagh will play her role in this The film will released on the occasion of International Women’s Day.


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