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Kim Jong-un's new year message
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In the event that the US Doesn’t Keep Its Promise…”: Kim Jong Un’s Warning On New Year

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un says ‘new way’ inescapable if the US requests one-sided activity, Kim additionally said that he will meet US President Donald Trump whenever to deliver results that the worldwide network would greet

The North is liable to various arrangements of United Nations Security Council authorizes over its prohibited atomic and ballistic rocket weapons programs, which have seen it complete six nuclear tests and dispatch rockets equipped for achieving the whole US terrain.
North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un said on January 1 that his purpose for finish denuclearisation stays unaltered however he may need to look for “another way” if the United States keeps on requesting one-sided activity from North Korea.

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In his New Year address, Kim said there would be quicker advancement on denuclearisation if the United States makes the comparing move. He added that he will meet US President Donald Trump whenever to deliver results that the universal network would greet.
North Korea, notwithstanding, would have “no choice however to investigate another way so as to secure our power” if the United States “miscounts our kin’s understanding, powers something upon us and seeks after approvals and weight without keeping a guarantee it made before the world,” Kim said.
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