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कर्तव्य और वोट दोनों है ज़रूरी
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कर्तव्य और वोट दोनों है ज़रूरी |Being Historian.

The soldiers, who are deployed at the icy peaks of Siachen, on Thursday cast their votes as service voters.

The Indian Army on Friday released a video of soldiers casting their votes at the Siachen Glacier, the highest battlefield in the world, braving the severe weather conditions and undeterred by ceasefire violations.

The soldiers, who are deployed at the icy peaks of Siachen, on Thursday cast their votes as service voters.

The video shows soldiers gathered outside a booth in snow-covered Siachen dressed in white snowsuits. One by one the soldiers enter the booth and systematically cast their votes.

Taking to social media platform, Instagram, the Indian Army posted a video saying, “Soldiers are exercising their constitutional rights as sincerely they as they do in their operational mission. Brave soldiers of #IndianArmy are casting their votes in the Siachen, the highest battlefield in the world and also in the remotest areas of the country.”

In Jammu and Kashmir, the soldiers who are posted even along the Line of Control (LoC) cast their vote. 

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the EC provided the facility to the troops deployed in far-flung, remote and inhospitable terrain to download their ballot papers online, vote and forward the ballot papers to their respective electoral returning officers through post.

On Thursday the Army had said, “Soldiers on active duty  at Siachen & LOC enthusiastically participate in the democratic process of election and cast their votes as Service Voters through a first-of-its-kind facility by Election Commission of India in such remote areas of the Union.”

The temperature may have been freezing but the soldiers showcased a burning desire to participate in a democratic process which is their right as well as duty as Indian citizens.

Over 90 crore Indians are eligible to vote in the Lok Sabha election over the course of seven phases. While the EC has repeatedly urged more and more voters to come out and exercise their democratic right, it is the will and spirit of Indian soldiers – especially those in remote locations – that ought to inspire countrymen to make the election a success.


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