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coronavirus, coronavirus news, live news, coronavirus today news, covid 19 vaccine, coronavirus india, coronavirus india news, corona cases in india, india news, coronavirus news At a Covid-19 centre in New Delhi. (Express Photo: Amit Mehra)

The nearly month-long declining trend in detection of new infections has ensured that, for the first time since the epidemic started in India, the growth rate of coronavirus cases has dropped below one per cent a day. The seven-day compounded daily growth rate, for the country as a whole, fell to 0.99 per cent on Tuesday.

At its height, growth rate of coronavirus cases had exceeded 7 per cent per day in the first week of May, but there has been a steady decline after that. This process has been expedited in the last one month which has seen a considerable decline in the daily numbers, from a high of about 98,000 cases to less than 70,000 cases right now.

The quest in finding a fast and effective treatment for Covid-19 suffered twin setbacks in a span of 24 hours after two major American drugmakers — Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly and Company — announced they were halting late-stage clinical trials over safety concerns. This comes a month after AstraZeneca briefly halted its trial.

However, experts have said it was not uncommon to pause drug trials to investigate safety concerns, and such actions do not necessarily indicate a serious problem.

Several world leaders and trade unions, too, have proposed a four-day week to help secure jobs. In August this year, Germany’s largest trade union IG Metall pushed for a four-day working week to prevent mass layoffs and salary cuts. Meanwhile, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev are among the many world leaders pushing for a shift to a four-day working week.

Compressed work schedules have been the subject of many studies, which have pointed out a significant increase in both productivity and work-life balance.

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