Hathras case latest news: Police trying to frame us with CDR claim, say Hathras girl’s brothers | India News

HATHRAS: The 19-year-old Dalit girl’s family in Hathras denied being in touch with the man accused of raping and murdering her, and questioned the veracity of the purported call detail records (CDR) that showed 100 calls between them in five months.
“It is a conspiracy against us,” the victim’s elder brother, whom the calls have been attributed to, told on Wednesday. “The killers are cunning. They can do anything to save themselves.” He said the SIM had first been bought for his father 10 years ago. “But he would keep losing his phone. So, I used my ID to get the SIM registered in my name. The phone is always kept at home. Everyone has that one number, even the pradhan. It’s the only one we have.”
He said it was mostly his father who used the phone. But he denied ever contacting the main accused, Sandeep, whose family lives across the road from the victim’s house.
The victim’s younger brother, who works in Ghaziabad, said he would like evidence of the claim. “UP police is trying to frame us because we are poor. There is no end to our harassment … If they have records, they should have evidence. I would like to hear call recordings.” CDR documents time, duration, location, and destination number of calls made from a number.
“Police are engaging in character assassination. My sister was under our supervision at all times. I have no doubt about her,” the victim’s eldest brother said. The younger brother, dismissing talk that she may have made calls to the accused, added, “She was unlettered. She didn’t know how to dial a number. She could only receive calls.”

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