How the ‘world’s most powerful man’ is fighting Covid

Instead of letting him play the waiting game at home like Boris Johnson and Jair Bolsonaro, Donald Trump’s doctors have sent him to hospital right away and started him on the most advanced line of treatment
How did he get it?
Trump has been on the campaign trail and he’s notoriously averse to wearing a mask. He didn’t wear one in public until July. The Washington Post says he attended many public events over the past seven days without a mask. Most of the attendees — some of whom interacted with him closely — were also without masks. Although he has not blamed anyone for his own infection yet, he hinted that his aide Hope Hicks, who tested positive a day earlier, might have got the virus during her interactions with military personnel.
All The President’s Meds
At the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, doctors are taking no chances with Trump’s health. This is
just their first line of attack
Monoclonal antibodies
Trump received 8 grams of an experimental cocktail of antibodies. It’s a large dose – the usual dose is 2.4g – intended to get his body to fight the virus on its own. It is a mix of two types of ‘monoclonal’ antibodies that can
bind to the coronavirus’ spike protein. One of them is from the plasma of a recovered Covid patient and the other from mice bred with a ‘human’ immune system. Trump has been given REGN-COV2, the antibody cocktail developed by US company Regeneron.
At least one other US company has also developed a monoclonal antibody treatment. Although not approved for general use yet, the Regeneron therapy is meant for treating patients in the early stages of Covid – those who have “not yet mounted their own immune response” and have high levels of the virus.

Trump was also given Remdesivir on Friday. Some studies have found it reduces recovery time for hospitalised patients. In India, it is given in moderate cases (those on oxygen), while in the US it is allowed for
all hospitalised Covid patients.
Zinc, Vitamin D, etc
In addition to the antiviral treatments, Trump is taking zinc and vitamin D as immunity boosters; melatonin to help with sleep; aspirin for his heart; and the generic version of the heartburn treatment Pepcid, which is being studied as a potential Covid cure. He has not required oxygen as yet.
The road ahead
Trump has been hospitalised early because some Covid cases worsen rapidly around the second week of illness. The first week of infection is crucial because complications like pneumonia, blood clots and bacterial infections
usually start then. Doctors will be watching his oxygen level very carefully for the next 10 days at least.

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