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BENGALURU: Alleging that the health infrastructure in the state is still in a shambles, leader of opposition in Karnataka Siddaramaiah on Friday urged chief minister B S Yediyurappa and his government to wake up from slumber and solve issues in this regard.
The former chief minister, in a series of tweets, also requested the media to highlight the issues dogging health care and Covid-19 preparedness of the government.
“Health infra in the state is still in a shambles. Many people are frantically looking for ventilators for their dear ones but there is no help from BBMP or the Health Dept. It is not the time to show laxity, @CMofKarnataka should release daily bulletin on health infra of our state,” Siddaramaiah tweeted.

Alleging that the state government is under the assumption that the pandemic has ended, and they have to wake up from slumber and solve health infra issues, he said, “Asymptomatic patients may not be getting admitted to COVID- 19 centres and that doesn’t mean number of those who need critical care has reduced. #WakeUpBSY.”
Siddaramaiah urged the media to wake the Chief minister up and the government by highlighting issues regarding healthcare.
“… When media houses were highlighting COVID-19 issues, the govt was somewhat responding. But now, the govt feels that its inefficiency is invisible. Media needs to #WakeUpBSY,” he said in another tweet.

This request from the former chief minister to the media has come amidst a general opinion that local news channels during the last week or so were completely focussing on the drugs case in the state, party (Congress) sources said.
Private hospitals are still denying admissions to the patients and they are giving preference to those who have money, while sending back poor people, Siddaramaiah alleged while he urged the chief minister to review the situation and ensure best treatment for all sections of society.

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