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NEW DELHI: India’s aviation regulator has directed IndiGo to take “appropriate action” against certain passengers — including electronic media personnel — for their frenzied behaviour on a Chandigarh-Mumbai flight which had actress Kangana Ranaut on board Wednesday (Sept 9). Soon after the flight (6E-264) touched down in Mumbai, TV reporters and cameramen jostled to get close the first row where the actress was seated to get visuals and report.
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued this order after getting a report from IndiGo and concluding there was a breach of safety rules and travel protocol in Covid time as masks were off for reporting and social distancing was not followed. “There are multiple issues. The prominent ones include photography on board in violation of rules. Violation of Covid protocols and certain actions fall within the purview of unruly behaviour on board. We have asked the airline to take appropriate action against those responsible,” said officials.
The airline says it is in “receipt of certain directions from DGCA in relation to 6E 264 and will follow the prescribed guidelines.” Details of the action it has taken are awaited. The provisions of no fly list for unruly passengers require the airline to initiate action.
While crew members of that flight (6E-264) made repeated inflight announcements and urged everyone to remains seated till seat belt signs were on, the regulator has also found fault with IndiGo ground staff who permitted so many “big” cameras on the aircraft. “This situation could have been avoided by not allowing so many of them at boarding time. If IndiGo personnel felt they can’t stop it, they could have taken help from security personnel at Chandigarh airport. The airline needs to take action on this front also,” said officials.
IndiGo said that its “cabin crew, as well as the captain, followed all the requisite protocols, including announcements to restrict photography, follow social distancing and maintain overall safety. IndiGo also followed the requisite protocol of documenting this matter in its post-flight report. We are committed to providing a safe, hassle-free experience to our passengers.”
The alleged violations happened soon after the IndiGo Airbus A320 touched down at Mumbai this Wednesday, with Ranaut making her pre-announced return to the city. A video shot by a passenger, that went viral on Friday, shows the post-touchdown chaos on board. Following this, the DGCA sought a report from IndiGo.
Crew members are heard repeatedly making announcements for passengers to observe onboard norms.“Please understand, we all are equal. Please do not harass any passenger. Kindly follow all safety rules and remain seated till seat belt is on,” says one of the announcements.
IndiGo had on January 28, 2020, decided to ground standup comedian Kunal Kamra for six months hours (later this period was halved) after he had confronted TV anchor Arnab Goswami on a flight. Then other Indian airlines also barred Kamra from flying for some months.

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