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Month: December 2018

281 Killed, Over 800 Injured In Indonesia Tsunami Set Off By Volcano

The number of unfortunate casualties and harm will keep on ascending after the spring of gushing lava activated tidal wave in Indonesia, an authority said. Video Cradits to BBC News CARITA, INDONESIA: The loss of life from a fountain of…

Foreign Ministers of India, China hold talks under new framework; PM Narendra Modi expresses happiness

PM Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping had chosen to issue “strategic guidance” to their militaries to reinforce correspondences so they can assemble trust and comprehension. New Delhi: In one more advance towards enhancing ties, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and…

Trump Withdraws U.S. Powers From Syria, Declaring ‘We Have Won Against ISIS’

Washington (AFP) – US partners were dazed Thursday after President Donald Trump announced triumph over the Islamic State amass in Syria and unexpectedly requested the withdrawal of US ground troops from the nation. The choice runs counter to since quite…

Why Russian Bombers Are in Venezuela ???

Here’s Russian Bombers Are in Venezuela. What’s more, the U.S. Is So Angry About It !!! Read More….

PM Modi Holds Talks With Maldivian President To Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Relations among India and the Maldives decayed after then-president Abdulla Yameen forced a crisis on February 5 this year. Read More….